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Steve occasionally teaches workshops, and information about those workshops will be posted here. If you or your organization is interested in having Steve come and teach, please contact him at stevenkozar@gmail.com or just call him on the phone: 608-335-7004

"I really love teaching! But because of the very time-consuming way I paint, I can't devote a large amount of time to teaching, so I'm fitting it in, however (and whenever) I can. Check out my YouTube channel and maybe I'll see you in person at a workshop." 


"Steven Kozar is one of those rare artists both able and willing to share his knowledge of watercolor technique. If you're interested in improving your work, you'll benefit from his workshop." -2017 Student

"Thank you again for having that class, I've learned more about color than any book has taught me. If I had known it was that easy to understand I wouldn't have been so afraid of it." -2008 Student

"I learned more from your workshop than all my other workshops combined!" -2007 Student

"Thank you so for so generously sharing so many of your hard-earned techniques. I don't know if you realize how much you have freed me to joyously paint in my own style. Thanks to you, I'm no longer afraid of the 'Art Police.'" -2006 Student

"Thank you for sharing your skills with a beginner-I know my art will improve with time, patience and observation. More than the techniques you taught, I have gained an appreciation for you and your art. There is a quality of humility that is unmistakeable in how you navigate your world of art. Hard work, no-nonsense, recognition of how to earn a living as an artist; you have a no-nonsense humility that is very real. I know I can take whatever instruction that works for me and leave the rest-just like you've done in your own career." -2009 Student

"Steve's was the best and most fun workshop I've ever attended!" -2017 Student

Steve's "Not too slick & Overly Produced" Teaching Videos

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